I think about a lot of things a lot of times.

Mostly at night my brain starts dancing. I think about life, people, obligations, rules, freedom, choices, fate, friendships, problems, the universe, options, encounters, behaviour, manners, goals, myself, others, conspiracies, elites, laws, war, ideas, stories, money, jobs, cultures, religions (hard topic), companies, photography, writing, collaborations, interhuman relations, sympathy, souls, heaven, afterlife, death, aliens, memories, emotions, fear, happiness, conversations, experiences, preferences, reluctance, animals, needs, stars, birth, earth, art, sense, fantasies ..
And most of the time just: „WHY?“

I don’t really just want to know: „what’s up?“ ..

What I Cherish
I wish you would try to be informed instead of just opinionated
About the fact that I love to write letters
Wie auch Laienmodelle absolut professionell arbeiten können
Crisis talk: If you start, please start at the beginning
How I Remember December
Future Meditation
About good and bad Experiences
What I Dislike
Ende Gelände 2015
Good job, America.


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