Without a team I wouldn’t do those things you see here on my blog (including models) as often as I do them currently. I do love it but without them I would’t really have the strength.

♥ Biggest part of my team is Jennifer Ehrt, who’s got so many nicknames I can’t count them anymore. She does the make-up and hair for most of my shoots. We met in school a few years ago and since I discovered that this lady has got magical make-up hands, I won’t let her leave my side when it comes to photoshoots. And in general. Kind of.
I’m also pretty flattered that she only likes to work for / with me as a make-up artist so there are currently no people that could grab her away. FeelsGoodMan. You can tell me all you want, but you don’t need a piece of paper showing your skills in numbers to be able to create and craft in a field of profession you love. There is no website, no facebook page – but a nice little blog called Yumebi (you-may-be) which you can view here. That’s good enough, right? Though I would like her to write so much more, because she’s talented. But you can’t rush art, right? Correct.

„Coming together is a beginning. jenny01

Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.“
– Henry Ford

I mean, it’s not only make-up and planning. It’s fries and milkshakes, and grunting when laughing, and passing wind in public and writing to inmates, and Voldemaaart and Hauke, and us waving like the Queen when we’re on public transportation, and icecream hunting and twitch-stream arguing, and Kräuterlatsching, and us meeting at this place where the portions are so massive ..

♥ And then there are my beautiful little tall minions of gorgeousness.
Natalie . Nina . Kamil . Lara . Arianna . Jonas . Vanessa . Kenny . 

It’s just everything in this palette, how could I be more happy? Blonde, brown, black, freckles, redheads,  *squeal* blue and purple mermaids, pineapple tattoos, poses, playing, experimenting, reliability, puncuality, humble, sweet characters, having fun while working ..

That’s my team.

Laura x


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