Private Shoots

|| Private photoshoots are all about gathering ideas and wishes of my models, make-up artists and myself. We plan, ask, think, get together and craft slash create things while nobody charges money for their work. In the end, every individual is allowed to use the finished results for private and commercial use also.
The obvious question is always: Why? What does that do for me? Well, first of all the pressure is not too tight when there’s no money involved. Point blank. Second, no matter how you plan things beforehand, when you arrive at the location a lot of things suddenly can look very different and not at all like you expected them to look like. When you solely work with available and natural light, (what I do) that is the most common case of „Oh, I didn’t think it would look like that in sunshine.“ That doesn’t necessarily mean that those surprises are bad, not at all, you just invisioned it differently before. If it’s a case of bad surprise, you can try it another time, again without there being pressure. The only things you’ve „wasted“ are time and maybe money for a train ticket. That is bearable, especially when the involved people already know and have worked with each other before, so the mood’s always relaxed and rather playful.
Third plus, so far there never really was a serious case of „Oh my god, how bad does that even look?“ There’s always a way and at least one thing that can make a huge change. Just a bigger step to the right, just another dress, just another colour of lipstick, maybe adding or removing a prop ..
Luckily nothing really worth talking or getting annoyed about. I’m happy to have amazing people in my team who all do their absolute best everytime we get together for a photoshoot. If somebody is not interested in the subject, there’s no need in agreeing on a date and then being moody, it’s all about: „If you’re interested, if you would like to do it, if you think this would be a benefit to your portfolio, only then we’ll do it.“ And only then it’ll be a fun and relaxed day.

Laura x

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•  Canvas re-run and outdoor portraits
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• Butterflies, boys, and bushes. 
Fresh Winds
Office gossip
At the close ..


Long time no see. 
Generating energy.


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