Definition | Cooperative arrangement in which two or more parties (which may or may not have had any previous relationships) work jointly towards a common goal.

This common goal would be photos of models presenting garments, jewellery, headpieces and/or anything else which was created by the designer.
I’m providing a * make-up artist and * assistant, the * model or models, and * edited photos.
In the end, ideally every member is happy with the results and also every member is allowed to use those photos for advertisement, free of any charges. Advertising for example can happen with the help of model books, blogs, shops, websites, social networks and so on.
The only thing we don’t provide is the shipping cost and customs dues for the package.

I personally started this project because of those amazing artists all around the world who create those gorgeous things I see (mostly) on the website Etsy, and I wanted to see what for example a garment would look like on a model with nice make-up and hairdo. I also wanted to put those garments (and pieces in general) in a different, „more alive“ setting which in my opinion is everything but a plain wall or a mannequin with no arms and legs.
The designer has every right to come forward with suggestions and wishes about model, location, theme and mood. My team and I are open to anything and do the best we possibly can within our capabilities. We’re weather-dependent, we don’t rent locations, we only work with natural lighting, and don’t manipulate too much via photoshop editing.

Here at this place I would like to thank again every single person who gave me the opportunity to work with the most different garments and jewellery this past year, – I grew and so continued doing it this year. I’ve learned a lot, my models enjoyed working with me on those collabs and in general we had a lot more good than bad times. Nice quota.

Though I enjoyed every single collaboration you will read about here on my blog, I especially would like to point out the brands Ventriloquist Court and hisOpal. Good spirits from Australia and America who answered my request via Etsy almost immediately and continued working with me for a second time this year. I am absolutely honoured and would be over the moon if this went on for maybe another year or two, who knows what will come our way in the future.

Thank you for your trust and time, I fully appreciate it.

Laura x

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