lauragrafie shows and explains what I do and love deeply.

This blog is about my photography and art in general. lauragrafie, because I’m not trying to fit into any existing niche, I do what I like and do what enables me to express myself via photography and writings. I’ve had many names in the past, experienced with my first and last name, tried some abbreviations, then there was ‚woodmouse art‘ when I felt like I should leave people photography behind (at least for a while) and concentrated on nature photography only but this finally feels right and straight to the point. There won’t be expensive locations rented and you won’t see a massive amount of photoshop retouching and/or manipulation – basically I live by ‚many a mickle makes a muckle.‘ Spontaneous seconds are my favourite, next to more darker and moodier shoots.

It has been almost seven years since I’ve started photography. What I always loved most is going out on phototours, be it for one hour or five. So I’ve been photographing nature for about seven years, using mostly macro lenses. People photography started in late 2009 and really grew on me in winter 2011. In 2014 I had a lot of opportunities to work on the most different collaborations with the most different designers from all over the world. I was smart enough and grabbed all of those chances and so learned a lot, grew, and earned a large amount of experience. When it comes to private photoshoots, I love to work with models and make-up artists I already know for a while. I stopped continuing to offer tfp shoots at the beginning of the year 2015, however, that decision was discarded in early autumn of 2016 because of me going back to school again for two years. I’m always excited when a new person comes on board and even more joyous when said person joins my team as a reliable member. My world absolutely isn’t closed though I like to stick to a small circle of people and creative minds.

This is my Flickr. account, which I sometimes use frequently and sometimes pretend it’s simply not there for months at a time. It’s a love-hate relationship.
„If something aint broken, don’t fix it!“

And this is my Instagram account.
Snapshots of nature, people, and everyday miracles.

I’m currently 25-years old and I live in Munich.

I’m a cat-person, I love thunderstorms in summer, golden leaves in autumn, silence, and books. Exciting ideas make me happy, editing is almost hypnotic to me, and I love writing to my pen-pals. (Currently 25 of them, all of them „living“ in various prison facilities in the US.) I’m not too keen on smalltalk, being near crowds of people, heat, unfairness, and onions. I don’t like too much noise and having ‚conversations‘ with people staring at their phones. People close to me would say I’m a bit too sensitive, generous, always listening, and reliable. And I myself admit that I’m a nutjob with a customized tinfoil hat. And I’m so very happy about that, awake and aware and still not depressed.

„Die Kunst ist der natürliche Feind der Normalität.“ 6244270701_7bbd56fbb4_o
– Peter Rudl.

Laura x


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