36676642181_cff5d7d782_k The 25th of August, a very, very hot day. Too hot, ended with a headache for me as usual but at least I was happy with the results. It was the fifth shoot this year, I didn’t know how much I missed it until Ariadna (my first model that day) stood in front of my camera again after months. I would like to get more serious about it again. Just a tiny bit. We met at the east station and went on to the central station by train, hopped onto the tram and off to the Botanical Gardens in Munich. Ari carried a very heavy bag filled to the top with clothes and make-up. I also needed to give her back the stones she painted on my birthday, again a little more weight, sorrynotsorry.

When we arrived there we got our tickets (this time €3,00 each) and went to our ususal „backstage spot“ – the toilet for disabled folks. Again, we didn’t disturb anybody, don’t worry. It was such a pleasant day (people-wise), there were hardly any people, no kids or 36424156550_56e3ca97ae_k school classes, also the gardeners didn’t mind us at all while spraying water onto the plants. We arrived there first and waited for Jenny, Sarah, and Kristin. After 15 minutes Jenny called and asked where we were .. Uh. 😉 Bae you know that place tho hun!

It was the first photoshoot with Sarah, aka. Miss Bubbly, the oldest daughter of the family I worked for this past year on every second wednesday. Or something like that. She’s only 18-years old, just one year older than Ari. I’d be very glad if we met again for future shoots though I know she’s already busy and will be even more busy when she starts studying at University. But you can still hope for things, right? Sarah had another appointment that day but we were able to shoot two outfits, one indoor and one outdoor, a good result for the first time working together.

PicMonkey Imagem

Kristin wore the most gorgeous dress I’ve ever seen, I fell in love with the colour and the details on the upper part of the dress. She said that dress had already visited two weddings, some graduations, some birthdays .. and apparantly never needed to be ironed. Maybe someday I’ll get myself a pretty dress too. Then Ari finally will get her wish fulfilled too: Doing my make-up and hair. Yup, someday. What also got me in the palm house was the sunshine from above which created lovely shadows, so of course I had to turn those photos into black and white ones. The one from Ari on the right might be my favourite picture from this shoot. Moody black and whites, nice stuff.

PicMonkey Image

Since there weren’t a lot of people inside, we thought they for sure should be roaming around outside but nah! Not even there! I liked those purple flowers best, but also those stairs looked really nice, I actually never took photos at that spot before and I have no idea why. Nobody looks better in a Dirndl than Kristine, it reminded me a lot of our very first shoot, hers as well as mine, back in 2010. A couple of hours in the forest (plus some raindrops) with three girls and a hell lot of props, one more stupid than the other but we didn’t care at all back then. Actually, I now wouldn’t be mad at a huge teddybear or some balloons either. It would be awesome if we managed to plan a shoot like this again, suitcases full of clothes, some props and a day in the forest. I’ll get to it.


Shortly before 3 p.m we packed our stuff and went on to the tram again. Jenny stayed behind to take some sneaky phone pictures of herself next to some bushes and flowers. Shame on you, I would have done it! 😦 But instead we said goodbye to Kristin, who went home by car, Ari and I went into the opposite direction and „enjoyed“ the very sticky air in the tram. Ah, those summervibes.

All’s well that ends well, I’m glad I had the opportunity to execute this little photoshoot and I can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

Laura x

P.S.: Snjeeebtschjeeet! 😀



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