At the close ..

of 2016 we had one final, very fun shoot. Thankfully, it worked out! I was looking forward to it so much for weeks and was lucky enough to meet my most important people Jenny and Kamil, along with Ariadna and Theresa, like cherries on top. Izzy visited shortly before we were done shooting and kindly brought some coffee along for us because it was a f r e e z i n g cold saturday. Our feet got numb way too quickly and even the Russian guy had to put on his coat. Now that means something.


I met Jenny and Theresa at the bus station right on time and so we went to that place where I had, without a doubt, the most photoshoots up to date. The golden angel is indeed a beautiful place. I made sure to avoid it though for a bit over 2 years, since I got so bored of it. This day, it looked as magical and gorgeous as the very first time I saw it. Well done. It was 12 p.m. and the sun was shining. A group of guys playing cricket on one of the two meadows, the usual wedding photoshoot taking place at the top of the staircase, two other guys arriving with their highly expensive drones, hovering around above us. (That’s when we packed our things and left.) We we sure that they were filming and both Ari and I dislike being filmed a lot. (At least involuntary, by strangers.)

Kamil’s Instagram is growing more and more and he was very proud about the biggest
blogger from Russia (TheKateClapp) – Youtube, paying him a visit online. So he made sure kamil_285 that all of his accounts were presentable and ready to be looked at by such a well-known person. He’s always happy and bubbly when I see him but this time he was even more excited. I don’t understand a word of what Kate is saying in her videos (duh) but at least I can tell that she’s a beautiful person. 😉 (Kate’s Instagram.)

Even though we were all freezing to death despite the bright sunlight, they all did their very best, as always, and I’m happy with the results. I especially love those outtake-like photos, they melt my heart. Also, we went way back to 2012 and brought out the best looking and best smelling fake snow there is: coconut flakes. I had to stop them from eating too much of it. Ah, it was a really great last shoot in 2016.  Thank you so much. ♥ I don’t think you know how much I need hours like those. They’re able to give me energy for a whole week.

I don’t have much more to say about this shoot, so I’m going to write down a few things (regarding creative outbursts) I’m wishing for to happen in 2017. 31603383221_6a4ae83225_c

• First of all, I need to have a long, long shoot in the forest. I’m going to invite every single individual that has the slightest interest to join me that day. Lots of props, homemade food, perfect weather .. Of course Jenny needs to be there, it’s not complete when she’s not there, not as much fun and not as professional. Can I say professional? I mean, I’m trying. Good enough. Kamil can’t be missed either, I’ll make sure that those two are absolutely free of any other duties that day, for at least 7 hours. Yes, you heard me. Kamil probably will be the only guy on set, as so often, but that’s alright. Luckily they’re both very reliable and have fun workin together, so I won’t have to worry too much about them not joining me that day.

31681319356_b75609d65b_c • Then I would absolutely love a creative shoot at the lake. Some lake, any lake, I’ll let my team decide on that. And when I say creative, I mean it. Clothing, props, unusual make-up .. Going back to the very beginning when we seemed to be obsessed with those very colourful, feathery fake eyelashes. And I’d be more than happy to fold about a hundred paper boats for a shoot like that. As always I have pretty dark themes in mind also, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to convince at least one of my models to work with me in that direction. Dark water, dark make-up, moody surroundings. Sounds lovely to me.

• I need to finally start some projects too, some little ones, working more with nature, available stuff that’s already there, ready for us to use. And also projects for which we don’t 30912761153_fcd7c07d45_o.pngneed anything but our own bodies. I’m in love with hands, I would like to be able to remind myself to kidnap one model after each shoot who’d be willing to try and express something, an emotion, just by using their own hands. And I adore all of their faces, I would love to somehow combine them with nature, some flowers, some pine cones, and one of them totally needs to be covered in snail shells, (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful things that exist. I’ll let them decide on a plant, a flower, something from nature to work with – I’m sure that we will find more than enough available objects (dead or alive) for usage. And I absolutely need to write down some ideas before we start shooting, some kind of check list. Would maybe make things even more easy.

I want stories, I want emotions, I want moods. I want to continue working with great people, would love to welcome some of those back who were too busy this past year, I would like to go back to the roots, my roots of photography. I know why I do it and I’m ready to continue. ♥

Laura x


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