Office gossip.

New month, second shoot, that’s how it should be done. I love how they’re all rather busy with exams and other things but still manage to join me for some little fun. I was feeling very much under the weather the entire last week but those couple of hours on saturday unbenannt-1made it a bit better again. Well, the very first 60 minutes at least. I got a lot of energy back because of those three kind souls and then was able to put it into editing those photos we took that day. I had fun, as pretty much always and also very pleased with the results. Thanks to you! Please, please let’s work together as much as possible in 2017. I’m thinking about long days in the forest (which I miss so much) with lots of ideas, props, clothes, even more lovely people, self-made food, oh hell yes it’ll be amazeballs! 🙂 Oh my lord, it’s been way too long. A whole day on this beautiful location, a bit of sunshine, a bit of coloured smoke, way too many people so I’ll be jumping from A to B every five minutes .. Please Petrus, don’t let it snow until April, I can’t wait this long.


Back to what I actually wanted to tell you about .. I’m used to men in business-, and smart clothing, but I never took „business photos“ of girls before. Said and done. I find those shoots a bit more difficult. You have to basically fully rely on the model and the acting / posing, because there’s not much in the backround, close to nothing to be exact, just a bland wall and some pillars. I once had a photoshoot with Jonas at that same location, so I thought it might look good again for a second shoot. And it really did, those simple, high pillars do have its beauty of some sort.


It was freezing cold, very unpleasant weather, hardly enough lighting for us to work with, we had to leave our warm „camping-spot“ but we dealt with it quite well. Again, thanks so much for still doing your best. Luckily you don’t have to be dressed especially light for a business kind of shoot, so at least pretty much all of my models bodyparts were covered with fabric.

All photos seen on this blog are © by lauragrafie.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

Ariadna and Kamil, as always, looked bomb. I mean, there’s hardly anything better than men in proper suits, and Ari looked so very posh too with her dark blue blazer and black jeans. Even though Ari arrived on set as planned with full make-up, Jenny, the
30827745912_f0ec8861f4_k.png perfectionist made her sit down on a little towel on the ground and worked on the fine-tuning while Kamil told us a crazy story about his hacked Instagram account. Holy crap. By the way, if you’d like to have a look, here’s his account. 🙂 It was only the fourth shoot with Ari but she’s completey professional already, poses without guidance, works very well with tips Kamil gives her and I’m hoping that she’ll continue to have fun when joining us for a shoot.

Kamil of course .. Do I have to write about it? What a great man. Perfect, extraordinary poses, always in a good mood, on time, concentrated .. 3 years and luckily still counting.

When we were done shooting all three of them even stayed for a little longer, just because. Still freezing, waiting for the bus, talking about certain things like solidary, punctuality, and overall respect. I’m very, very, very fond of them. I hope we’ll meet soon again for some creative hours! Hopefully once more in 2016. ♥

Laura x


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