More or less, admittedly. I’m not sure if we hit the nail on the head, but we tried our best. They all looked gorgeous, truly fitting into the fifties-style or not. I spent this day with lovely people at a very cool location in the middle of Munich. Of course it was somewhat cloudy, of course it was almost freezing cold, but hey .. No rain! Two of my crew081016.pngdearest, favourite photopeople were there, Jenny and Kamil, along with three of my classmates. Another shoot (the second one) for Ariadna and the first photoshoot for Anna and Lisa. They all were on time, (*cough* Jenny wasn’t *cough*) they all tried their very best, they all were motivated and it was a really, really great day with nice results. We laughed a lot, I again learned something new (learning by doing, that’s how it’s done!) and my models got a lot of new input from our professional posing-coach Kamil .. 10/10 would do again. #altundneu. ♥

I first wanted to work with Jenny and Kamil as models, especially with Jenny, simply because she then was able to concentrate on doing the make-up and hair (if necessary) for our other models and this themed shoot was her idea/wish anyway. Priorities first. Nobody is keen on having to deal with time pressure (I can’t stand it particularly when I’m doing something that I love) and Jenny deserves way more than the last hectic minutes of a shoot, being in front of the camera, trying to look relaxed, while everybody else is ready to leave, standing there, watching. So I eluded this unwelcome situation right when planning the day and it worked out just fine even though she was a bit late. Well, well ..  Gotta dry your hair girl before leaving the house! Kamil was there at 10 a.m, as always early as the earliest bird, alrealdy smiling bright at me from a distance, Jenny luckily arrived half an hour later, Lisa followed along with Anna, and at 12 p.m Ariadna also arrived right on time and we were complete.


My grandpa was there too, I had my portable changing cabin with me, two well-known basics that make my life easier, and something to drink for everybody. Jenny wore a new red dress with white polka dots, Kamil had a white shirt on, with a red tie and a pretty colourful jacket (if you look closely), so this guy looked bomb as always. Lisa arrived in warm clothing and bravely changend into a black dress with white polka dots, Anna, who thought she had absolutely nothing to wear for our shoot, arrived with a full suitcase and changed into a pink dress with a lovely white pattern. Jenny also brought a matching pink hat with a white piece of net that partly covered Anna’s eyes. Ariadna, whos grandma is a hairdresser, arrived with the most awesome hairdo and wore a black dress with white birds printed on it. Holy moly, great crew, great preparation. I can’t ask for more.


Anna was surprising me a whole lot when I took the very first photos of her, still testing focal distance and time when she immediately started trying things out with her hands, her posture, her facial expression – I’m not used to that at all from models who never had their photo taken before at such a shoot. Very pleasant minutes working with her. I can imagine it’s really weird when you’re in front of a camera for the first time. You might know how you want the end results to look like, you know that you’re not a professional, you might have looked at photographs before the shoot and practised some things at home in front of the mirror, but then really doing it on location is a pretty big thing and often even a bit embarrassing, sadly but understandably. I fully get that and I would fail miserably if I had to model for somebody (even though I’ve been doing this for 7 years and basically know all the poses) but the best thing to do is to just do it. Just try things out, jumping over shadows that might be there. I so much prefere having some maybe silly looking results on my memory card than having 20 photos with almost the same expressions and pose. I can already see that we’re going to have some really nice shoots with Anna in the future (if she likes to join us for those.) 🙂


All photos seen on this blog are © by lauragrafie.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

Lisa looked gorgeous with her wavy/curly hairdo and brand new dress, she went to the hair salon at 9 a.m for having her hair done especially for the shoot and rocked her dress with petticoat even though she thought it didn’t look too great beneath her dress. Wrong, it was just fine. Lisa told us that she’s actually a hair model, so she didn’t have to pay for the service at the salon that morning. Perk! Lisa’s got a perfect face for happy smiling / laughing photos, a very good example for those special spontaneous seconds I’m also going to talk about later. Wow, I could make a series out of this. Special, spontaneous seconds. *Note to self, remember that!*

Ariadna looked fantastic as usual and if that wasn’t enough: she’s one of those people who don’t have to do a lot to look fully present and professional on a photograph. Not much posing, pretty normal facial expression(s) – and there you have it, boom. In my head I can see her blossom. Even if you don’t notice it at first, but you definitely do learn something new each day and she’ll grow a lot those next months when it comes to being and act in front of a camera – preferably mine ;), if she allows me to keep on working with her. Practice makes perfect and I can’t wait to again write down a list of ideas for photoshoots and start rolling up my sleeves.


As always, I’m loving those spontaneous seconds the most, the faces, the reactions and emotions, the sudden change from trying to be professional to bursting out laughing or looking like a deer in the headlights when a stranger starts staring .. and I collected a nice amount of those seconds this day. I absolutely live for those moments. I can’t really „use“ them, as in showing them to the world as a piece of professionalism, but I love looking at them so very much. Those snapshots are also special because those seconds wouldn’t exist, if the people there on location wouldn’t like, or at least sympathise with each other. It was the first time that Anna and Lisa met Jenny and Kamil and it was also the first time that Ariadna met Kamil, though they all got along very well and had fun with each other. Literal GOALS. ♥ That’s the exact kind of spirit I was chasing after for so long.



I’m not even fully done with editing all the photos, but I’m already looking forward to the next shoot with those people. One of the best things that could happen next year (besides staying healthy, bla bla) would be a massive photoshoot in the „usual“ forest with all those reliable people I’ve worked with those last years. Waiting for Natalie to come back from the UK, hoping to catch Arianna on a day off while she’s in Munich – same goes for Lara, maybe Kenny will be here too, of course Jenny and Kamil absolutely need to be there without a doubt, I won’t ever let those two walk away, and maybe, just maybe, one or two of those new members will join us too for a delightful day of craziness, photos, creativity .. Ah, dreams. It’s been such a long time without one, and I really need that full day of sitting in nature, taking photos, talking, eating, laughing, being creative together.

That team of mine is growing before my eyes and I’m hoping very much that everyone will stay for a while. I don’t know if you’ll read this, but if you do: Thank you so much to everybody who was there that day, I enjoyed every minute of it and I’m hoping that you’re feeling the same and are happy with the results. I hope we’ll be able to do something like this very soon again.

Laura x


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