Fresh winds.

I’m one who usually doesn’t trust peaceful times (which basically are too good to be true) for a long period of time, (though I happily take and enjoy them as the come) but I can’t help right now to think that this all again simply makes sense. Once more. First some downtime, because the universe wasn’t ready yet, wanted to keep me waiting for something good to come, finally, and here we are. Thanks, I guess. I’ll try my best and this time for real. 29491506073_3cc60b9964_o.png

I met my friend Jenny at the Westpark in Munich on a saturday, the 24th of September. Right there with us was one of my new classmates, Ariadna. I knew that if something good would come out of all of this, (if nothing else) it would be a class full of girls whom I’d be able to convince to model for me, at least once for a testshoot.
It didn’t even need convincing. 😀

Ariadna was born in 2000. Can you even imagine, as someone who was born in the early nineties? A 16-year old girl who loves make-up, and lets her skill show itself. I noticed it already on the very first day of school. So Jenny didn’t have too much to do, dang, I could have asked her to model too, – I was able to stark working with Ariadna very quickly.


A suitcase full of clothes, we first decided on one outfit. Of course I had two basics with me: My grandpa, and my portable changing cabin. Ariadna first wore a black and white dress; I’m definitely the portrait-kind-of person, but I tried hard to show her full outfit once in a finished result. But before that I immediately focused on her face, of course with the obligatory flowers next to it, it had to be done and I’m personally loving those results.

It’s pretty common for our testshoots to try two different things, light and dark. So guess what, my very popular feathery, black collar had a chance to shine again. For the … time. I stopped counting. It looks great on everybody, so it did on Ariadna. We searched for a spot without flowers, and so she sat in front of a wooden door, where I tool close up shots of her face, wrapped in this feather collar. When editing those photos I just went crazy and turned them to very, very dark photos. Because I can, because I like. Ariadna got her braces (for a second time, meh!) two days before our shoot and she was kind of worried, but just as I thought there wasn’t even the slightest problem. I don’t think I could care less about such things.


All photos seen on this blog are © by lauragrafie.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

I admit, you can’t really see the feather collar at all, but well .. It’s there. Maybe I’ll go back to editing this photo in the future, for lighten up the tips of some feathers. But for now I like it how it is.

I’m really, really, honestly greatful for this day, we’ve had so much fun, I’m happy with the results, and only got positive feedback so far. I’m going to work with Ariadna very soon again – we’ll then probably have to deal with not so great lighting during a cold day in autumn. But we somehow managed everything so far.

On that note, thank you for reading, thank you for this day. (:

Laura x


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