Phototour and Birthday 08.08.16

Just like the year before I was desperate to have another great phototour right on my birthday. I still, 365 days later enjoy those results I took at the same location. This time it wasn’t a saturday but a monday and I arrived at the graveyard at about 8:00 in the owljas.pngmorning. The sun again was shining, though the grass was very, very wet and I sadly was a bit tired because of some letters I wrote the night before. Anyway, I realized pretty quickly that the tour I’d have ahead of me wouldn’t be as great as the year before, but there was still a chance of collecting nice images and having a very peaceful morning. I didn’t have some letters in my backpack this year, but some bread for the ravens which I adore way too much, two of them even followed me for a while, hopping alongside of me. The little picture you can see on the left was drawn by Jason, one of my pen-pals I have been exchanging letters for a bit over a year. I for sure would be a proud Hufflepuff but I’m so thankful and amazed by this Ravenclaw themed drawing he did for me. It’s a shame I didn’t get a frame for it yet, but that’ll change. I also received some very nice and thoughtful cards, mostly self-made too.

After walking around for about 20 minutes at that very quiet place, being totally undisturbed, listening to Rufus Beck reading Harry Potter, I couldn’t find a motive yet. I stopped here and there, stared at bushes and trees, but somehow everything seemed just as tired as me. When I arrived at a flowerbed with yellow flowers, I tried to crouch down without getting my jeans wet, snapped a couple of photos and walked on again. Checking the photos I just took on the little display of my camera, I suddenly noticed a little spider on the very top of one of those yellow flowers. (The very first photo you can see, on the left.) It was out of focus. I thought for a second and turned right back again. Luckily the spider didn’t hide yet, probably daydreaming, and so I kneeled down on the wet grass for the sake of at least one nice result. I’m sorry about the quality of the photos here on my blog, watermarked and shrunken down a lot – in this case also cropped from all sides. But especially when it comes to nature photography, people just keep on stealing. You can see the photo I’m talking about a little bit better here on my Flickr. account, it’s the one on the right.


All photos seen on this blog are © by lauragrafie.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

As if that ↑ would work .. Anyway. After leaving that flowerbed and 20 more minutes of walking around without finding anything dazzling in particular, I almost agreed with myself to just leave it like that and go home. I had taken about 50 photos, which is basically nothing, a very karg (haha) meager outcome, but I at least had found a little spider on a flower – something I never before took a photo of. Rufus Beck was still keeping me in a very calm and relaxed vibe, and just because I felt so comfortable, I decided to go right instead of left, making a little detour. Well, then it all started, subject after subject. A huge flowerbed right in front of the church with those same yellow flowers I just had encountered, next to it another huge flowerbed with pink flowers – being so tall so they created delicious bokehs in their backround, then I almost stepped on this little white, delicate mushroom because I suddenly spotted a bright yellow snail(shell) sticking to a pretty dark tombstone .. Okay, I have to admit, it still wasn’t much, comparing it to any other phototour I had so far. But not bad! So the first part of the day still was a success, definitely.

My two lovable orks would meet me at 7 p.m this day and I looked forward to it like a little child for presents on Christmas. Same Italian restaurant like last year, some lasagne for me, pizza for Jenny, and calzone for Kamil, followed by massive cups of ice-cream (chocolate and strawberry) which really weren’t necessary at all. We had nice conversations, the mood was so incredibly pleasant from beginning to end, Jenny even paid for my dinner .. It was too kn 046.pngdark in that restaurant for taking some snapshots, same when we went across the street for getting ice-cream, but it’s the memories that count, right? Feelings you’ll remember in a couple of years.

We rolled on to the bus stop a few feet away when the sky was already dark. We saw some lightning strikes in the distant and felt some occasional raindrops, but while waiting there on the sidewalk we were able to enjoy this nice, summery-night-temperature I love so much. I wanted both of them to stay a little longer but „if it can’t get any better ..“ I hugged them tightly and said goodbye after a couple of stops on the bus. Walking in darkness to my apartment – regarding that current situation in Germany that shall not be commented on made me feel a bit paranoid and nervous when a group of foreign.speaking men almost crossed my way. Time for another little detour through the grass. How sad. Anyway.

Guess whaaat, it started raining right when I opened the door to my apartment that night. How could it be any more perfect, seriously. A pretty great downfall, making the trees outside my windows dance and my tomcat curl up next to my desk, purring and falling asleep. I started downloading the photos I took in the morning and converted them while watching Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor fall in love in „I love you Phillip Morris.“ Good one!

Thank you again so very much to Kamil and Jenny for spending this evening with me.

Laura x


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