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A very kind individual called Rai reminded me that I had a blog for writing things down a few weeks ago. SoI shrugged and thought „oh snap, that’s right!“ Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing for an audience – not that anyone (currently) would read my blog, but of course it’s still open for the whole wild world to see.

So I guess the first shoot I’d like to talk about a bit featured hisOpal. A well-known brand by now. We finally made it to the lake in my hometown at the end of June in 2016. A day which already started very warm, of course too warm for my taste, but we somehow again made it through, as always .. Sunburs, headaches, tiredness, but hey, another job well 27866692076_d83429d6a5_zdone. 😉 All that was about another photoshoot featuring hisOpal swimwear. At the beginning of the year we already wrapped Natalie in the newest (red) suit that had arrived in Germany, (thanks once more to Stacy!) and so I really wanted to take photos of all three bathing suits I now proudly own. Red, green, and blue. The botanical gardens in Munich is a really awesome location, but I thought those suits really finally needed some water. Natalie was on board again, also luckily the lovely Lara, who worked on my very first shoot for hisOpal already two years ago, and Arianna, who found a perfect match in the blue suit, as you might be able to tell from the picture above. I personally still love the green suit the most, I just think it fits to almost every location and every type and tone of skin, but that’s just my personal opinion. I feel like I’m going to use this one for a lot more shoots in the future.


All photos seen on this blog are © by lauragrafie.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

Before we even started to shoot, two very beautiful swans joined us (much to my appease) and even made it on some finished photos in the end when they returned once more, I love those creatures so much. So delicate and graceful while swimming on the water, but once they’re out on land, they walk like they’re completely drunk and look so clumsy. And cute too. Did you know that swans will usually mate for life? How romantic is that .. And did you know that a male swan is called a „cob“ and a female swan is called a „pen“? I definitely didn’t know that before. What I did know though is that they’re very, very smart, similar to ravens, they remember exactly who has been kind to them (and who’s not been so nice.) Also, a swan has about 25.000 feathers on its body – and I collected quite a few of them in the past. Nah, of course I didn’t pluck them, I’m not suicidal. Great, enough now with swan facts for today. I forced you to learn something new, didn’t I ..


When taking this photo I thought it might be a bit too colourful for my liking but then realized I got all three colours of those three bathing suits I own on it. The red one Lara is wearing, the blue of the water, and the green of the trees in the back. I got told that the water still was pretty cold, so none of those three girls was really completely sitting or laying in it, but I thought that was totally fine. The only thing I wanted to finally manage is to take photos of those swimsuits at a lake and that’s what we did. Stacy luckily was once more happy about all of those results, which I’m also very glad about. Big thanks once more to Lara, Natalie, and Arianna. And of course Jenny, as always. ♥

I’m hoping or another shoot soon, the sooner the better, maybe then once more at the botanical gardens, when summer changes to autumn.

Laura x




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