.. Mana sina?


[Forest . Fave place . Hometown . Team . Elves . People . Creativity . Ideas . . . Film?]

Well yeah! So .. We made a short movie. Woop woop! Kenny, aka. Leafman came up with the idea, and after asking me in private if I thought the rest of our team would like to work together on this, I said of course they would, and so it started. A lot needs to be planned for a short movie, at least three times as much as for a photoshoot, be it a private one, kamiljencollab, or a job. Storyline of course first, by Kenny, then the Make-Up and styling by Jenny, and I basically hopped from place to place to keep a clear mind and schedule for everybody. Of course I did plan on taking photos too, but since I never worked on a short movie before, I didn’t know how much time I’d have between takes or location changes. Plus, I needed to use my „old“ camera for it, because my dad, who was hired as a camera man, used my 5D Mark II. So I was stuck with my 450D (not that it’s bad ..) and at least managed to get some sort of „behind the scenes“ shots. Those photos you can see above in black and white are actual screenshots from the clips we shot. (They’re not in order though.)

After agreeing on a date, namely the 20th of March, Kenny, Jenny and I met on the 4th for transferring all those ideas we had from our brains onto paper. (Hello! ♪ It’s me.) Those two something hours were really quite productive, I’m sure the sugar kick after five days of abstinence had something to do with it. Right, Mörd? arnagaby

By the way, all of them were more than punctual .. Ah, what a pleasure. What can I say, it’s my team. While I prepared some snacks, of course Jenny did her very best, as always, it needs to be said. Transforming four tired people into elves. And bear in mind that one of those just can’t stop talking. Those elves looked pretty .. funny, (those ears you know .. wie angebo(h)ren) and so strong at the same time. Powerful, though kind of cute .. Red, green, blue, purple. Those were portrayed by my favourite photopeople, namely Kamil, Natalie, and Arianna, and also a new girl Kenny managed to „hire“ just one day before, Gaby. Then we also had „3 friends“, played by Kenny himself, his actual friend Castro, and since again once more another model was unable to make it, Jenny Miss Mördie jumped on board last-minute, playing Castro’s girlfriend who at the very beginning of the film suggests to go for a walk with him and K enny, because that boy is new in town.

All of it was shot in one day, about three hours if I remember correctly. Two of my favourite locations (in my hometown) were used, first at a tiny wannabe forest, and then next to a stone wall. Well, good day, I’d say. Those two locations never fail to look great, I think we all agreed on that.


I have no idea how the finished product will look like, since most of us never worked on a film I don’t expect too much, I hope the story comes across well, our actors definitely did their best, the sun was shining, and we had loads of fun. PADO! I hope so much that Kenny is happy with our first try, of course we’re not professionals, so he and his cutter will hopefully make the best out of it.
And I somehow really would like to film something again. Something not that complex maybe, but a little shoot-clip or so .. We’ll see. But for now, thanks to all of you! It’s been another productive day. Kenny, I hope you’re happy with the finished film and hey, let’s do it again! ( :


[Kamil . Gaby . Kenny . Self . Jenny]
[Castro . Arianna . Natalie]

Laura x


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