From partly cloudy to hypothermia.

Ah, how great it feels so look forward to and then work on a shoot with two people you like so, so very much. Jenny, Kamil and I met around the corner of my apartment for a little photoshoot. Little did we know that it would become so horribly painful. However .. ljkfeb16
Pink hairspray, swings, sand (aka. cat’s litterbox), big poses, red lips, and a motorway bridge. It’s been a while since I used this spot, I personally thought it’s quite boring but if the model is in action mode, it’s definitely anything else but boring. And if someone like Kamil is modelling, who’s looking at the backround anyway ..? While I couldn’t hold myself back and just had to sit down on one of two swings, Jenny started prepping up Kamil, who sat down on a bench. It was already cold and our feet started getting numb soon, but it was still bearable. Red lips, red shirt, a flea market jacket, slaps on the face because „Stop talking! I’m going full babushka!“, tight pants, and an hour later – we were ready to go. Zahré maar, Kamil! ;* Nah, please don’t ever.

Even Kamil, a Russian who’s used to more than just „cold“ weather was in pain because of the icy wind. Well that means something! Long story short: hipster poses, cussing, freezing, cussing, changing clothes, cussing, limbs dying, leaving this bridge to stand on a little hill between trees while changing the make-up and hair, dogs, noticing snowflakes, kamjenfeb16 going back, changing outfits, cussing, screaming, group-hugging, artsy-selfie, cussing, hurricane panic, snowstorm, and posing, posing, posing. But somehow we were still laughing .. Maybe that was just a current brain freeze situation.

Over an hour before we were done, Kamil already dreamed about a Leberkässemmel and „Kackao“. Of course Mörd and I were on board with that. So when it really started to pour down on us we packed our stuff, encountert half of what looked like a birthday cake on the middle of a sidewalk, and rushed to the nearest bakery. When we finally arrived at this tiny place, Jenny cleaned Kamil’s face, standing up. There weren’t free seats available but we were simply happy about being able to defrost our dead limbs. After checking the pricy menue, we decided to walk for another five minutes to the next bakery. Munich’s full of them, so good for us. Sitting down, warming up once more. Thanks so much for the cup of hot chocolate, love. Ah, what a nice day though. Spending it with great people, being creative, then having something to drink, talking about languages, brains, events from around the globe, spiders, depressing books, the general lack of Nietzsche and Kant, kindergarden nowadays ..


All photos seen on this blog are © by lauragrafie.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

I’m already looking forward to our next shoot, which will take place in late March. May it be a short film about elves, humans and friendship, or a simple, private shoot. Count me in for anything, anytime. I don’t think there’s something idea-wise that wouldn’t somehow turn out good, with a make-up master like Jenny and a professional like Kamil.

!كوه به كوه نمی رسد، آدم به آدم می رسد ( : ♥


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