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Late at night, and I’m here spicing up the photowall in my bedroom .. And that made me think of exacly one photoshoot I had, not too long ago. Oh lord, how much I loved this day, and I also love to think back to it. So much. How often did I try to execute a so called „teamshoot“ in the past, and how often was I disappointed ..? Well, too many times. And I don’t even feel like going into those times because this one, this „Pierrot“ themed teamshoot in October 2015 blew all those negative thoughts I had from the past a w a y. This was and to this day is the best one so far. I felt so comfortable, teampierrot1502 so happy and so energetic this whole day. It started right in the morning. So when I usually asked people to please be there at 10 a.m. I normally would walk from a to b at 10:30 a.m because nobody was there yet. Me, being on location, arranging my blue changing cabin, laying out make-up, clothes, so much food I prepared, waiting .. At 10:45 usually somebody would call and say something like „Umm, I’m right there, basically, where should I go again?“ And then right before 11 a.m. somebody would write somebody else a message, saying something like „Sorry I’m feeling sick.“ Yeah, because the party went on a bit too long.
Oh hell I don’t miss it one bit.

Crap, now I went into it. But you know what, I’m not even mad because that won’t ever happen again! I’m so convinced that I’ve left those times of unreliable people behind me. And also the times of be being angry and stressed out because of obvious reasons. Oh what a great feeling. By the way, Jenny also wrote a blogpost about it this day! (:


All photos seen on this blog are © by lauragrafie.
Please don’t use any of them without my written permission.

Natalie and Arianna arrived at our place almost 40 minutes early. I .. I didn‘ even know what to say, I was just .. amazed. And I still am. And so thankful. Someone being too early? Seriously? Holy cow, that never happened before! And also the rest of them were as punctual as the mason, so we were able to start as planned, all according to plan. Jenny crafted her ass off, while Kamil from time to time had short conversations with his video camera (in Russian), Kenny aka. Cosby snickering in a corner and myself sitting there, watching everybody like the happiest little elf.


Here I’d also like to say (I feel I have to mention) that those photos I took that day, are far from professional. And still I’m so very pleased. The photo I like to look at most, is this groupshot from the very end of the day. Outtake. Yeah, an outtake, actually. But no, it’s way more than that. It’s people getting along so well, people I was able to bring together, people who all enjoy being in front of the camera, getting their pictures taken. People who don’t mind waking up early for a long day filled with crazy make-ups and clothes you’d wear for carneval. People who don’t mind doing weird poses, people who are so lovely and energetic, being there at this very second, at this very place I always went to when I felt like there was no other way but even further down.Hof often did I sit there alone on the stone wall, wishing I’d be able to someday in some other universe be at this very place, accompanied by people who share the same thing .. Maybe I’m dreaming and reading way too much into this. Wouldn’t be the first time.
But as long as it feels right, it must be right. It actually happened.


It was October, but it wasn’t cold. It got dark early, but before that, there was this almost summery breeze at that place, my old place, this big meadow with the stone wall, the clouds, a bit of music in the backround, it almost felt like late summer. An evening with friends, a creative team, a true team who cares. Nah, I didn’t cry. But the longer I think about it, the more I appreciate it, even though I thought – more – wasn’t possible. kamilari15

I feel like I don’t even remember who posed first, when clothes were changed, when we stepped outside after Make-Up, wardrobe and breakfast, all ready to go (though I remember it rained a bit when we left, and then the sun started to shine when I took the very first photo, fifteen minutes later) .. I vaguely remember balloons (maybe because I can see them on photos, duh) and I remember Kenny jumping off that wall like a superhero (leafman in the house!) and I remember strange dogs photobombing a couple of pictures, and I remember that still after hours when walking back again, all of them still seemed motivated and in a good mood. And of course I remember Mörd and I at our crackerbarrel (yes it is and it will be, don’t fight it!) getting fries and .. that other thing. Then rolling to the train station, saying goodbye when the clouds finally couldn’t hold on to their raindrops anymore.

All I want  for this year, for 2016, is to have shoots like this one. With those exact people who are reliable, fun to work with, creative, energetic and who knows, maybe there’ll be a new crew member joining our cult. I mean, we have breakfast, in general there’s always food.
And I can get cookies if you want.

Thank you so much for this day. So, so, so, so much.

>> Jenny . Natalie . Arianna . Kamil . Kenny <<

And thank you for reading. ( :

Laura x



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