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My second photoshoot with gorgeous Natalie and old hands make-up master Jennifer took place at my favourite spot. Well, it used to be my favourite spot. It already looked a lot different when we arrived at the parking lot, and as we forced ourselves to squeeze through bushes (because we thought our usual path was … Mehr Elfenlied.


First of all: What a cute name. I like cute names. This is about the label of a young, talented woman from Germany. Kathrin creates extravagant pieces for photoshoots and/or shows, you can find items for the Gothic, Steampunk, Cyber and Anime scene and overall just won’t be disappointed when you search for fun outfits to … Mehr Ponyklau.


Marmotescu is the name of a very creative shop you can find on the website Etsy. There, you’ll be amazed to see the most beautiful jewelry, made by a woman from Romania who so kindly send me one of her pieces for a collaboration which took place in November 2014. I loved this necklace to pieces … Mehr Marmotescu