Business Baby

In December 2014 I had the opportunity to work on my very first ever so called „business“ photoshoot. Shoots like this in my mind seemed difficult to do, just you can’t really play around a lot (so I thought). It’s a simple, basic backround and a model dressed in business clothing. But this backround was anything but boring. It hat a lot of depth and I’m pretty much in love with the results. I mean, it’s been my first time, not too bad. The male model you see here was Jonas, who sent me a few jon.snap screenshots of photo ideas he’d like to try out. He first wore a black suit plus ruby tie, and then changed into a checkered blue shirt by McNeal I brought. I have to say that on set I kind of struggled a bit with this backround, I afterwards darkened the edges a bit to give it more of a pattern and depth, but then when looking at the finished photo, I suddenly really liked it a lot. (Especially talking about the very first photo you see here in the collage.)

Before we even got to this point, we had to change locations twice. It was a beautiful sunny day but horribly windy and so it didn’t matter how we turned and turned around, the wind always blew us out of the way. We started at two different places until we went to shoot at the pinacotheca of modern art, where we worked outside of the building, using its white and greyish walls. Despite the roof was very, very high up, it protected us from the wind and so it finally was a lot more comfortable to work.

Of course those photos aren’t perfect and I need to practise a lot more, but for my very first try I think I did pretty good. And Jonas was awesome of course too, nothing new. Isn’t it always a little happy moment when one of your models uses a photo you took as their profile picture on some sort of social network? And then gives you credit? All what I could ask for.
Thanks so much for working with me once more, Jonas.


All photos seen on this blog are © by lauragrafie.
Please don’t use any of them without a written permission.

Laura x


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