Die Kunst ist der natürliche Feind der Normalität. I’d like to have a little meadow, for myself. Somewhere outside of the city. I’d like to have two sea containers in which I’d live. One for a basement, always filled up with supplies. On top of that would be the second container, being a kitchen, living … Mehr Meditation

Remember December

I see you walking through the woods, my right eye never fully left your guise. Your movements as painfully slow as you are, but still way too fast for me. I hear the cracking of dead branches on the ground. My sound. Felt your cold, black cloak on my skin long before today was here. Well … Mehr Remember December


I’ve never used this term before and I might never do it again, but right now is the perfect opportunity for: I can’t even! Jenna and Alex do something I very recently discovered: Acro Yoga. Until this photoshoot I’ve only seen photos of people doing it, but being there live when it happened was just … Mehr Bodhiplay.

Laien können durchaus Profis sein!

Zumindest in der Vorbereitung und im Verhalten bei Fotoshoots. Für Collaborations im Allgemeinen und bei bezahlten Fotojobs mit Designern sind mir in den vergangenen Monaten einige Dinge aufgefallen, die ich nun gerne niederschreiben würde. Vielleicht hilft es dem einen oder anderen. • Fangen wir ganz von vorne mit der Pünktlichkeit an. Das A und O. … Mehr Laien können durchaus Profis sein!

Dragons Chain

For my very first people photoshoot this year I was honoured to have worked with wonderful model Vanessa, make-up artist Jennifer, and an amazing designer called “DRAGONS CHAIN” – Artist of Ring, Christian. He creates remarkable items which all look so artsy, you can find him on facebook and / or on Etsy, where he … Mehr Dragons Chain


I feel like writing blogposts from time to time which don’t have anything to do with photography, as you already noticed. I find it difficult to draw a line between “photography and photoshoots”, “anything that comes with it”, and “everything else.” Sometimes I feel like that “everything that comes with it” already is too much to … Mehr Letters