It’s been almost a year since I last sat down and wrote something. No, that’s not true .. I wrote books, numerous books. To my pen-pals though, not for the world to see. Dear Sergio, Kenneth and Zona, thank you for staying by my side. Also Kenneth, thank you for the shout out, it’s very … Mehr Checkmate!


 The 25th of August, a very, very hot day. Too hot, ended with a headache for me as usual but at least I was happy with the results. It was the fifth shoot this year, I didn’t know how much I missed it until Ariadna (my first model that day) stood in front of my … Mehr Tropicalized.


Hello! New year. I totally neglected this blog. But better starting late than never, right? A freezing cold day (even with a warm winter coat) but we made it happen. First shoot in 2017 was a couple shoot in February, who would have thought? Admittedly, those shoots are the ones which I .. I don’t … Mehr Twosome.

Office gossip.

New month, second shoot, that’s how it should be done. I love how they’re all rather busy with exams and other things but still manage to join me for some little fun. I was feeling very much under the weather the entire last week but those couple of hours on saturday made it a bit better … Mehr Office gossip.

Well done, America. You’re a big step ahead of us. Please keep on waking up, Germany.

Wenn ich mich nur so ausdrücken könnte wie Du .. ->  Trump gewinnt die US Wahl – KenFM facebook video „Ich bin nicht froh, dass es Trump geworden ist. Aber ich bin froh, dass es nicht Clinton geworden ist.“ Dies! Video: KenFM am Telefon: Florian Kirner zur Wahl von Donald Trump [Deutsch] Video: Trump ist US-Präsident, Hagen … Mehr Well done, America. You’re a big step ahead of us. Please keep on waking up, Germany.


Oh hell yes, finally a photoshoot with the bestest desk neighbour I ever had. 🙂 And yes, of course two months are enough to come to that conclusion. Theresa aka. Resi and I met at the Botanical Gardens in Munich, obviously along with my beloved Mördiebördie. Ariadna, the newest supermodel to-be joined us too just … Mehr Bloomers.


More or less, admittedly. I’m not sure if we hit the nail on the head, but we tried our best. They all looked gorgeous, truly fitting into the fifties-style or not. I spent this day with lovely people at a very cool location in the middle of Munich. Of course it was somewhat cloudy, of course … Mehr Fifties!

Fresh winds.

I’m one who usually doesn’t trust peaceful times (which basically are too good to be true) for a long period of time, (though I happily take and enjoy them as the come) but I can’t help right now to think that this all again simply makes sense. Once more. First some downtime, because the universe wasn’t ready … Mehr Fresh winds.


How incredibly overjoyed I was when I finally again got together with Jenny and Kamil for a photoshoot just around the corner of my apartment. Well-known place for short photoshoots. It was a warm day, one day before my 25th birthday, so we’re talking about the 7th of August in 2016, just to be exact and … Mehr Mirrored.