The 4th of August felt like walking through a very, very long and powerful industrial oven. I absolutely hate heat, I still do. But I was thankful for having the opportunity to finally shoot my friend Jana again, with the help of my dad and also Jenny, our make-up and hair lady. Jana brought a … Mehr Comeback.


It’s been almost a year since I last sat down and wrote something. No, that’s not true .. I wrote books, numerous books. To my pen-pals though, not for the world to see. Dear Sergio, Kenneth and Zona, thank you for staying by my side. Also Kenneth, thank you for the shout out, it’s very … Mehr Checkmate!


 The 25th of August, a very, very hot day. Too hot, ended with a headache for me as usual but at least I was happy with the results. It was the fifth shoot this year, I didn’t know how much I missed it until Ariadna (my first model that day) stood in front of my … Mehr Tropicalized.


Hello! New year. I totally neglected this blog. But better starting late than never, right? A freezing cold day (even with a warm winter coat) but we made it happen. First shoot in 2017 was a couple shoot in February, who would have thought? Admittedly, those shoots are the ones which I .. I don’t … Mehr Twosome.

Office gossip.

New month, second shoot, that’s how it should be done. I love how they’re all rather busy with exams and other things but still manage to join me for some little fun. I was feeling very much under the weather the entire last week but those couple of hours on saturday made it a bit better … Mehr Office gossip.

Well done, America. You’re a big step ahead of us. Please keep on waking up, Germany.

Wenn ich mich nur so ausdrücken könnte wie Du .. ->  Trump gewinnt die US Wahl – KenFM facebook video „Ich bin nicht froh, dass es Trump geworden ist. Aber ich bin froh, dass es nicht Clinton geworden ist.“ Dies! Video: KenFM am Telefon: Florian Kirner zur Wahl von Donald Trump [Deutsch] Video: Trump ist US-Präsident, Hagen … Mehr Well done, America. You’re a big step ahead of us. Please keep on waking up, Germany.


Oh hell yes, finally a photoshoot with the bestest desk neighbour I ever had. 🙂 And yes, of course two months are enough to come to that conclusion. Theresa aka. Resi and I met at the Botanical Gardens in Munich, obviously along with my beloved Mördiebördie. Ariadna, the newest supermodel to-be joined us too just … Mehr Bloomers.